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Our site Nasty Czech Chicks has been after some time again reviewed, this time by Hoes.com. And what’s their opinion about our site? Not bad at all. Let’s take a look what they wrote about our members area:
I think what’s even nicer about this site is how organized it is. I mean, check this out. Starting from top to bottom, you have the news from the admin, the most recent and future updates, the top chicks, the message board, and a great navigational menu…Let’s talk about the content. When you click on a photo set, it opens in a new window giving you twenty visible thumbs per page. These individual photos open to a large, digital resolution. The movies can only be downloaded in full and in one bandwidth, which the quality is pretty good…
We recommend to you to read the whole review at Hoes.com. You can also find some of our free pormotional content there.

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