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Paying the Girls…

giving money to the girls
Can you see how the girls are smiling and how happy do they look? The shooting is over and they are getting paid. Yeah, that’s the reason :) On the picture you can see (from the left) Anita Queen, Veronika Z. and Jennifer Max. Some girls are more expensive than others, you probably would not believe how much can some girls make for just a few hours of work! The price starting at few hundreds dollars for some solo work and ends up over a thousand dollars for some hardcore scene with better known girl. Yes, that’s quite impressive, isn’t it? Basicaly the girl for avearage solo work here earns for a few hours more than average people here earns for a month :) So if you are good looking girl, not satisfied with how much money you are making, we suggest you to turn into porn industry, become pornstar and earn big money :-)
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